Our mission is to provide deserving young men with scholarships to complete their education at Salesian High School whereby they will benefit from a solid Christian education which is based on Morals, Values, and Ethics.

(2015) Accomplishments

S.H.L..A.E.F (Salesian High Los Angeles Endowment Fund) 13,402
Friends of Father Murphy endowment fund 11,394.24

The Third Annual Friends of Father Murphy, Inc. (F.O.F.M) Report
The ideals of the Friends of Father Murphy, Inc. have been to recruit members who share the same beliefs. Bishop Mora Salesian High School provided a great base for learning. Many of us may have been further blessed to have known Salesian greats, such as Fr. Ralph J. Murphy, Fr. John Malloy,
Bro. Tom Keagan, Bro. Rudy Bertagnali. F.O.F.M is open to all men and women who are interested in giving back to the community.

FOFM reaches Public Charity Status IRS 501 3(c).
The F.O.F.M has made strides by working with members, who are graduates, others who didn’t graduate from Salesian High School. In cooperation with other local organizations, who share similar thoughts such as the Boys of Belvedere, and the Roosevelt Rough Riders Association.
This year we were recognized and certified by the Internal Revenue Service as a qualified 501 3 (c)
Public Charity.

Creation of the Salesian High (L.A) Endowment Fund
• The Class of 1964 asked for our help in organizing them for their Golden Diploma and their 50th Reunion. F.O.F.M was able to create a vehicle for them to begin the Salesian High (L.A) Endowment Fund.
• The Class of 1964 provided two $500.00 scholarships for a total of $1000.00
• This group was appointed for a painted portrait of Don Bosco to be displayed, on the Salesian High Gym building

Creation of the Friends of Salesian.Org
The general consensus was, the younger Salesian graduates would not know the names of the original founders of the school, under the banner of the Salesian’ of Don Bosco. Creating the name of Friends of Salesian, would allow F.O.F.M to open doors to the classes who may want to host their own reunions in future years. Have a centralized data bank of current information and a safe place to deposit monies for their respective activities.

Website Linking with Bishop Mora Salesian High
F.O.F.M was fortunate to be blessed by the Salesian Society of Don Bosco. They send us Fr. Nick Reina as our Chaplain. He has made open communications, to Salesian High. In 2014 Salesian High finally gave F.O.F.M a link to associate us. Later, Principal Sam Robles with the Salesian Alumni Association approved us as a separate unit, which helps the young men of Salesian High with scholarships

F.O.F.M had been targeting music-based Dances with Dinners. We soon found out, our functions were being duplicated by other organizations. The FOFM needed additional outside funding to maintain its month to month operations. Using the concept proposed by our Treasurer, Mr. Louie Sanchez, we embarked on associating ourselves with Charity Mania, LLC. A company that operates a centralized organization, which creates methods for charity organizations to sell tickets, FOFM keeping a major part of the profits. Our first involvement was to follow the College Football games. We are currently participating with a Super Bowl sweepstakes by selling tickets.

Sharing & Working Individuals
• Frank and Lorraine Munoz (Lorraine, sister of David Gomez’67 RIP), provided us with a $1000.00 donation.
• The Class of 1964 donated $1000.00 to our scholarship fund.
• Fernie Ramirez ’67 held a bus trip to Laughlin, Nevada donated the entire profits of $1800.00 plus.
• Louie Sanchez ’67 provided us with estimated revenue of$3300.00 in Charity Mania ticket sales.
• Our anonymous Angel who wishes us well this year has donated more than $1500.00 per year.
• We are most fortunate to have many of our members actively giving yearly IE: work in kindness; membership dues, purchasing tickets, attend dinners, and dances for our close organizations.
• Our membership also helped raise in early 2014 monies towards the CIF Championship rings for the young men who could not afford to buy them.
• We sold signed CIF game footballs with photos and certificates of authenticity.
• Richard Hugues ’65 has started the process for the Class of 1965 50th year reunion which will include a Golden Diploma celebration and dinner dance.
• We presented at the Football parents meeting a signed CIF game football, with plaque, to the Coach, Staff, and school. The plaque was made possible through the generosity of our own Steve Segura ‘67.
• Hector Alatorre ’71 donated a copy of a framed photograph of the combined classes of 1962, 1963, and 1964.
• Henry Sarnoff ‘66 donated several portraits of our beloved “Murph”.
• Sal and Emily Padilla ’62 donated a true collectible framed 33 RPM vinyl recording of the Jungle.
• Tirso de Anda ‘ 82 help us with our banking at Citi Bank

F.O.F.M donated $2500.00 via Five (5) $500.00 scholarships to students who wrote essays, which were reviewed by an eight-member panel. Students, picked from several topics: How I would stop bullying.
What a good Catholic education means to me.
Social & Financial Responsibility.
Scholarships were paid to Salesian High under the identification number of the winning students.
F.O.F.M will be offering three more $500.00 scholarships given out on Career Day in 2015 for a total of $4000.00 for 2015. These scholarships will include the recommendation of their teachers in three areas: English as a second language, Math and History.
The Class of 1964 provided funds for two (2) $500.00 scholarships. Total of $1000.00.

Community Involvement
F.O.F.M participated in the 83rd Annual Virgen de Guadalupe Procession.
Participation in the 2015 Feast of St. John (Don) Bosco, with St. John Bosco High, Don Bosco Tech and Bishop Mora Salesian High School

Francisco Morales, CEO

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